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A Certified Solution for Public Schools

Social Shield is a certified contractor for NJ public schools, and can become certified for your district as well.

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What are the current school reopening guidelines?

As the Fall approaches and communities throughout the United States start to open schools again, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has defined its considerations to guide the safe reopening of schools amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In this guidance, the CDC suggests the use of physical barriers, particularly in areas where it is difficult for individuals to remain at least 6 feet apart, and physical guides, such as tape on floors or sidewalks and signs on walls, to ensure that staff and children remain at least 6 feet apart in lines and at other times.

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Custom Solutions Available

We’ll work with you to create a custom solution or configuration that best suits your needs.

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At 72”-tall, Social Shield is designed to comply with state and local guidelines.

Portable & Lightweight

The largest Social Shield is only 30 pounds, allowing you to easily reconfigure classrooms, labs and offices.

Delivered Fully Assembled

Social Shield is delivered fully assembled and ready for use. We offer free delivery in the Northeast on all orders over 10 shields.

Maintain Sight Lines

The clear, durable acrylic shield won’t close off your space so it still feels large, open, and as close to ‘normal’ as possible, and you can keep an eye on students.

Long-term Usage

Social Shield offers a stylish solution for your immediate social distancing needs, however, they can be repurposed and used in the long-term to section off areas for private events, display and present student work, designate areas in your space, display memos, and more.

Bulk-Ordering & Customization

We’re prepared to assist with large-quantity orders depending on the scale you need. We can also work with you to create custom solutions that fit your environment.

Family Owned & Operated

Social Shields are made by a family owned and operated company, manufactured in and shipped from eastern Pennsylvania.

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How big are Social Shields?

All Social Shields stand 6 feet tall in total. The clear acrylic plexiglass portion is available in the following dimensions:

  • 4’ x 3’
  • 4’ x 4’
  • 4’ x 5’
  • 4’ x 8’

Custom sizing is available upon request.

Do I need to assemble the Social Shield when it arrives?

No assembly needed! Social Shields are delivered fully assembled so you can get them set up and open your doors as quickly as possible.

How are Social Shields delivered?

Social Shields are delivered fully assembled. Flat rate shipping is $20 per unit or you can take advantage of free shipping with orders of 10 or more units.

Due to their size, our team will reach out directly to all customers with delivery options. Delivery of Social Shields is similar to delivering a piece of furniture: you will need to be present at the ship-to location to accept the delivery. Not to worry, our team is flexible and will coordinate a time that best suits your business.

Where can I use a Social Shield?

Social Shield social distancing barriers can be used in classrooms, offices, gymnasiums, libraries, walkways/thoroughfares, and more! They can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Are Social Shields Portable?

Yes. Social Shields are lightweight (max. 30 lbs), stable, and easy to move around to customize your space and responsibly configure your space.

Can Social Shields fit on a tabletop?

No. Social Shields are 72”-tall, self-standing barriers.

Is a self-standing barrier better than a tabletop barrier or sneeze guard?

Self-standing barriers provide more configuration flexibility and a more streamlined look and feel in your space. They don’t take up table or desk space and have a larger surface area for greater protection. Additionally, there are more long-term use cases for a self standing barrier so you can feel confident in your investment.

What can I use Social Shields for?

The primary purpose of the Social Shield is to act as a social distance barrier, however, once they are no longer needed for social distancing, they can be used in a number of ways such as sectioning off for private events, creating a more intimate experience for customers, presentation boards, and more.

How is Social Shield different from other social barriers on the market?

We know that there are many protective workplace barriers on the market right now. However, many of these products are made from cheap, unattractive materials that take away from your aesthetic and customer experience. Social Shield is different. We offer a variety of finishes and provide a high-quality, durable and portable solution that your business can use for years.

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